Please send an email to with ANY subject and content, then wait for one minute for the transfer. After this, input your email address below and then click GO. Remember to use your pku email address (ending with, @*,, or If you're a registered user, you could use this system to retrieve your configuration, but you should resend the email.

请用您的 PKU 邮箱给 发送一封邮件, 邮件标题和内容随意. 等待一分钟左右 (以确保我的服务器已经收到了你的邮件), 然后在下方输入您的邮箱地址, 点击 OK. 请一定使用 PKU 邮箱 (结尾为, @*,, 或者 的邮箱地址). 如果你是已注册用户, 你可以用这个系统来找回你的配置信息. 但注意你需要重新发送验证邮件.